Finally, the great heroine Fran is available on android! You can get all the chapters seperately from Google Play right now and share the word ūüôā We recommend you play it during the night, under your blanket, with headphones on.

It took us longer than expected and if you are a iOS user you will have to wait for a bit longer still, we are currently beta testing and soon sending to get approved!

Fran Bow on Google Play!

In case you wonder why we chose to release the game in chapters, this is because we could reduce the amount of memory needed and make it more widely available for more players.

Fran Bow Update #2 and Soundtrack

Fran Bow Update #2 and Soundtrack

Hello friends! ‚̧

We have been into an amazing journey after the release of Fran Bow.
We thank everyone that has been writing lovely e-mails and sending us feedback and how you feel about the game.
You are super precious to us! ‚̧

We will soon start working on the Android and iOS versions too!
We both got a cold after release so we were in bed for a few days, also we are willing to take a week off after these 3 years of intense work. So after that, the mobile versions should be good to go!

We also released the Official soundtrack of Fran Bow and we hope you enjoy it! ‚̧

We present to you, some of the things we have been working on these past week, the Steam Versions are already up, GOG versions might take a little while.

Major changes

  • You can now choose between different resolutions
    (Note: The game was drawn originally at 854×480)
  • You can turn on and off the shaders during pill mode
  • V-sync on and off
  • You can now double click on doors and windows for faster navigation
  • Added in one more achievement

Minor fixes

  • Fixed the feather bug in chapter 2 part 1
  • A song would overlap another one in chapter 3 when you entered the bar during spring
  • Typos in English and German languages

In case you need to reset everything back to the original settings, press F10 in main menu.

For the players who still experience white textures, please check our FAQ

Thank you for your amazing support! ‚̧
/Natalia and Isak

Fran Bow is released… And bug fixing is on the way!

Fran Bow is released… And bug fixing is on the way!

Dear awesome friends,

We have a brand new game for you and it’s called Fran Bow!

We are so happy and proud and excited!!! It’s unbelievable, but very true!
The wait to uncover the bloody mystery surrounding Fran and everything happening to her is over, and you can now get it and experience it all! Find Mr. Midnight!

You can find the game from our website: and there’s a demo too, if you want to give it a try.

We have been also receiving bug reports but Isak is working pretty hard now to get the problems fixed and they will be patched as soon as possible, between today (Saturday 29) and tomorrow.

Thank you so much for the support and beautiful reviews, e-mails and fan arts ‚̧ BIG-BIG THANK YOU!

Thank you and hope you try Fran Bow out!
Natalia & Isak
Killmonday Games



Historical date and delusional propaganda

Historical date and delusional propaganda

ūüėÄ Hello, adventure friends! ‚̧

August 27th, 2015 is a historical date. Fran Bow is about to be released to the world!

3 years ago we decided to make Fran Bow. 2 years ago we managed to raise the funds needed though crowdfunding.
1 year ago we thought we would have been done, and now here we are.
27th August, 2015 is the date Fran Bow is released through Steam and GOG!
The last year was a struggle, but we managed to overcome every obstacle and deliver a huge game with a world of its own, filled with awesome and different characters and a lot of adventuring!
We released a new demo that you can download from different places from our website, and now we are working these last days with mainly trying to get the game out there more, so you can still help us by reminding your favorite youtuber about Fran Bow, mentioning it to press or just telling everyone! This helps us a lot! ‚̧

We also made a new video with Killmonday Games, directed and produced by the delusional and mad Mr. Red, the puppet.

We are super excited and thankful!

Thank you for your time!
Love to you!¬†‚̧
Natalia and Isak.

Demo news and apologies.

Demo news and apologies.

Hello super sweet friends! ‚̧
We thank you very much, to everyone that has played the demo already, videos on YouTube, already it’s just – WOW!!!!!
There are two things we would like to share and both are important!

The Fran Bow demo was infringing on the Gamejolt policies and we are super sorry¬†about it, so the demo is not longer available on Gamejolt, but you can still download it from the site ūüėČ
Yay! ūüėÄ

There is a bug hunting Fran Bow right now. It happens when you take the pills for the first time.
If the game crashes for you, please press F4 while in the game. It will show on screen this message:
Shaders off.
If you take the pills after that, it should work.
How to solve it otherwise: Your DirectX must be updated, it may help!

Thank you again for all super lovely and snuggable feedback! We appreciate it all!
Have a lovely time! ‚̧

Many hugs
Natalia and Isak

July news: Release date + Official Trailer

July news: Release date + Official Trailer

Hello dear friends! ‚̧

It has been 2 years since we did the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo and 3 years since we started creating Fran Bow and now we can proudly say :

Fran Bow is coming out for PC (Win/Mac/Linux via Steam and GOG)
on AUGUST 27, 2015
We’ll also release the Official demo¬†on the same day.

Mobile versions will come a little bit later, because of time and money issues.
We will send the game to everybody that supported us on Indiegogo via Humble Bundle.

And here is the new website !!!!

The Blog in the website is intended for Gamer Support, fan-art gallery and overall news . We hope you like it.

If you are interested in helping us a little bit more, reaching out in this period of promoting the game, you can help by sending ¬†recommendations about Fran Bow¬†to your favorite web magazine, Let’s Play YouTuber or friends! ‚̧

We can’t thank you enough, for us this really was a life changing experience!
Thank you and we hope you like Fran Bow.

Natalia and Isak


June news

June news

Hello super amazing friends! ‚̧

We just wanted to let you know current status of Fran Bow. The game itself is done!!! but we are still working on sound design, music and some little graphical details.
Also beta testing the last chapter. We are very thankful for all help we gotten with beta testing and translations and of course for all of you and your amazing patience and incredible fan arts!

(One of the – Mini game – Fran)
All the minigames are done too, we even did one with claymation!
We will be coming back soon I hope with more detail and hopefully a release date too ūüėÄ

(One of the Mini game footage)

Super Love ‚̧
Natalia and Isak