Fran Bow Update #2 and Soundtrack

Fran Bow Update #2 and Soundtrack

Hello friends! ❤

We have been into an amazing journey after the release of Fran Bow.
We thank everyone that has been writing lovely e-mails and sending us feedback and how you feel about the game.
You are super precious to us! ❤

We will soon start working on the Android and iOS versions too!
We both got a cold after release so we were in bed for a few days, also we are willing to take a week off after these 3 years of intense work. So after that, the mobile versions should be good to go!

We also released the Official soundtrack of Fran Bow and we hope you enjoy it! ❤

We present to you, some of the things we have been working on these past week, the Steam Versions are already up, GOG versions might take a little while.

Major changes

  • You can now choose between different resolutions
    (Note: The game was drawn originally at 854×480)
  • You can turn on and off the shaders during pill mode
  • V-sync on and off
  • You can now double click on doors and windows for faster navigation
  • Added in one more achievement

Minor fixes

  • Fixed the feather bug in chapter 2 part 1
  • A song would overlap another one in chapter 3 when you entered the bar during spring
  • Typos in English and German languages

In case you need to reset everything back to the original settings, press F10 in main menu.

For the players who still experience white textures, please check our FAQ

Thank you for your amazing support! ❤
/Natalia and Isak


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