Demo news and apologies.

Demo news and apologies.

Hello super sweet friends! ❤
We thank you very much, to everyone that has played the demo already, videos on YouTube, already it’s just – WOW!!!!!
There are two things we would like to share and both are important!

The Fran Bow demo was infringing on the Gamejolt policies and we are super sorry about it, so the demo is not longer available on Gamejolt, but you can still download it from the site 😉
Yay! 😀

There is a bug hunting Fran Bow right now. It happens when you take the pills for the first time.
If the game crashes for you, please press F4 while in the game. It will show on screen this message:
Shaders off.
If you take the pills after that, it should work.
How to solve it otherwise: Your DirectX must be updated, it may help!

Thank you again for all super lovely and snuggable feedback! We appreciate it all!
Have a lovely time! ❤

Many hugs
Natalia and Isak


2 thoughts on “Demo news and apologies.

  1. Fortunately I didn’t suffer with this bug! Thank you so much for this demo, guys!
    PS: I REALLY think you should listen to Melanie Martinez! It reminds me of Fran Bow, especially Mad Hatter and Tag You’re It!


  2. The atmospheric and visual beauty of the demo is reminiscent of games like Scholastic’s old ISpy games or Nintendo’s Scooby Doo Classic Creep Capers Game (two of my favorites). Sooo much love in the art and programming. I hope the entire game carries through on the promises of the demo. And there is to be CLAYMATION!
    I am curious as to when the mobile will (prospectively) release. I am looking so very forward to the mobile version. I am glad it will not be avoiding android like a certain year walking game I will not mention.


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