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If nothing there helps, try to reach us through the Contact form.
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If we don’t answer very quick, please remember we are only two people working here on Killmonday Games, so you know !

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Natalia and Isak


11 thoughts on “GAMER SUPPORT

  1. Hello! The game Fran Bow – a masterpiece. With friends it very much was pleasant to us. It really cool! We very much wait for the second part! Whether there will be it? We very much wait. 🙂


  2. Fran Bow is the best game! This story is so great, I can’t Express it! I finished it a few days ago, but I think about it is so far! You have no idea how it affects me!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much! I can talk about this game endlessly , because it’s not just a game! I love you, I love Fran! This game is the best thing that happened to me this autumn ❤ ❤ < 3 I don't know what else to say, thoughts in my head are mixed, you turned my head! I will remember you and amazing little girl Fran whole life and she will always be an example for me. I am eternally grateful to you!!!!


  3. First part
    Good day, Natalia and Isaac. Today I completed your game. Its godlike! This is a delightful game in the world! I have never received so much emotion during the passage! It is just amazing! I can not express in words what I feel! I … God, it’s just phenomenal! But even you can not imagine how upset I was when completed the whole game … I never see Frannie and Mr. Midnight. It’s terrible … I am depressed … I want to ask … you will create a second part? I’m … I’m begging you, do it … I believe … I’m waiting …

    Sincerely, Artem.

    Second part
    Dear Natalia & Isaac. A few days ago I completed your game. It’s amazing! I’ve never seen a game that causes a storm of emotions! But you know, I’m upset. I am very sad. The game is completed. More I will never see Frannie and Mr. Midnight. Or not? I beg you … I beg you, do the second part! Will you do that? Waiting for your reply.

    With love, Artem.


    1. Hello Artem ❤ Thank you so much for your lovely words. We'll see what the future has for Fran Bow ❤ But don't be upset please! Have a big hug from us! ❤


  4. Dear Natalia and Isak, I already wrote you, but emotions still overflow me. I want to tell once again you many thanks for such fine game! To me and my friends it very much was pleasant. All of us wait for the 2nd part. One person removed passing of this finest game on YouTube and it had much more admirers. 🙂 This person has nearly 3 million followers on the YouTube channel! Dear Natalia and Isak, I want to tell once again many thanks for such remarkable game! And I want to ask a question which excites all fans of game: You will make the second part of game? There is a strong wish to see continuation of adventures of Fran Bow and Mr.Midnight. 🙂 Yours faithfully, the fan of game from Russia – Denis! 🙂


  5. Hello killmonday-team! I love Fran Bow, thank you for such a creative and firmly-held… ‘game’. Actually, it’s a game, but it is a artwork to, which can open a the eyes. I love it, please bring out a second part of Fran Bow, there so many questions left or present the world another games! You’ve got what it takes!


  6. Dear Natalia and Isak. I finished Fran Bow 20 minutes ago and i am so impressed, full of emotions and oh my gosh its so awesome ♥ You have done such a great work. I love every little part of the game, the charakters, the story, the artwork, the mini games. So much love and horror behind it. Thank you so much. I could write a book about every little thing i love about your game XD Best regards, Eva


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